Hairdressers Journal: Music can boost salon income

The Hairdressers Journal, the leading online community and magazine for salon hairdressers, recently published MusicWorks research demonstrating the positive impact background music can have on a salon. 

The site hosts a dedicated salon owner section that offers advice on management, legal matters, training and salon improvement. Background music is a key component in establishing the right salon ambiance– 80% of 2000 UK research participants say it is important in creating the ideal atmosphere.

Creating the right atmosphere not only makes customers feel relaxed and comfortable but can turn a salon visit into a salon experience. Hairdressers Journal also revealed that music can be just as important as interior design in achieving this transformation.

The MusicWorks study also revealed that 6 out of 10 hairdresser clients (61%) are more likely to return on a regular basis to an environment that they find welcoming and relaxing. It goes without saying that return visits are crucial in establishing a successful salon. Sarah Cross is the Hairdressers Journal resident customer loyalty expert and she claims that “it is five times cheaper to retain clients than it is to acquire new ones” and furthermore, “20% of loyalty programme members will account for 80% of your profits”.

That is not to say that salon managers should refrain from trying to attract new customers. Word of mouth can be an incredibly effective marketing medium and over half of the MusicWorks research participants claimed that they would recommend a salon to friends if it played music they liked.

The benefits of using background music do not end with the customer. Background music can function as a powerful motivator for staff. 85% of workers say listening to good music at work makes them much happier and 1 in 3 would be less likely to take time off sick if good music is being played at work.

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