BBC 'Imagine' investigates 'How Music Makes Us Feel'

Music undoubtedly effects human emotions - this BBC investigation set out to find out how and why.

During the 'Imagine' documentary 'How Music Makes Us Feel', presenter Alan Yentob looked into why music speaks so much to people and how we associate it with personal memories. Music plays a huge part in emotional events, such as weddings or funerals, and can elevate people's joy or make them weep.

While looking at all genres of music from classical to dubstep, Yentob interviews doctors about the physical change that happens in human brains when listening to music, demonstrated by a massive change in brain activity.

The effects that background music can have on customer behaviour was also examined. An expert told Yentob how the type of music played can influence the customer experience - for example, playing music with a faster beat can encourage fast-food customers to eat and leave the restaurant more quickly.

The programme also looked into the restorative power of music and showed how music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins use music to aid patients with dementia.


Image from Victor Bezrukov on Flikr.

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