Changing rooms match the music to the customer

Research shows that playing good music can boost retail sales, but a new innovation is taking this even further by personalising the music played in store fitting rooms.

A group of clothing stores in Singapore have been trialling a new technology that changes the music being played in the fitting rooms to match the items of clothing being tried on. 'Radio-Frequency Identification' (RFID) tags are attached to the clothing products and an electronic reader in the changing room reads the RFID data about the clothing style and type. A music track that matches the fashion style is then automatically played to the customer.

The system used the online StarHub Music Store to provide the music. Once the song has been played, an SMS is sent to the customer that allows them to instantly download the track for free. Eighty-four per cent of shoppers downloaded a free music track during this trial of further personalisation to the retail experience.

Watch the video of how this trial works.

Image is credited to Jorge Franganillo from Flickr.

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