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04 February 2013

Music could help footballers to play better

Scientists have discovered that playing music through headphones at a particular rhythm and synchronously to the whole football team can significantly improve the sporting performance.

19 December 2012

Creating the perfect Christmas song

Christmas music can seem to be made up of the same 10-15 songs every year. But Christmas comes round every year so why have some songs stayed so popular while others have been forgotten? And why do new Christmas hits come along so rarely?

28 November 2012

BBC 'Imagine' investigates 'How Music Makes Us Feel'

Music undoubtedly effects human emotions - this BBC investigation set out to find out how and why.

23 November 2012

PPL reveal the most-played Scottish artists this century

Eurythmics’ singer and solo artist Annie Lennox has come top of the pops in a chart of the most played Scottish acts this century.

20 November 2012

Most-played songs by Newcastle artists revealed in ‘People's Chart’ of the century

The top 20 tracks by music artists from Newcastle most played in public since the year 2000 are revealed in an exclusive chart by PPL.

11 October 2012

Most-played Sheffield artists revealed in ‘People’s Chart’

The top 10 most-played Sheffield music artists in public and in the media since the year 2000 are revealed in an exclusive chart by PPL.

10 October 2012

Music in pubs and bars increases sales, research finds

Venues that play music see significantly increased sales when compared to venues that do not play music, research commissioned by PRS for Music has found.

07 August 2012

Loud music makes London 2012 Olympic Games 'even better'

The organisers of London 2012 are confident they they have got the volume level of music in the main stadium "about right".

12 July 2012

PPL reveals the most played songs by the Rolling Stones

As one of the biggest bands in the world celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first gig, played at The Marquee Club in London, PPL reveals which of The Rolling Stones songs are the UK’s most loved to this day.

13 June 2012

PPL reveals the most played pop songs and artists of 2011

Adele’s 'Rolling In The Deep' took the top spot in the PPL People’s Pop Chart, with 'Primavera' by Einaudi topping the PPL People’s Classical Chart.

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