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14 June 2010

What will England football fans be singing during the World Cup?

The time has arrived for England to deliver. However, unusually and for the first time since England’s win in 1966 the team will have to do it without an official team anthem after the FA apparently decided that this year the players need to stay “fully focused” on the game. Whether this is a good omen or not for Capello’s lads we don’t know but it certainly isn’t good news for fans back home. 

16 April 2010

Background music boosts bar sales

At a certain point in the evening it is customary for bar and pub proprietors to turn the lights down and the music up.

15 April 2010

Influencing behaviour through background music

Many research studies in many different countries have concluded that music can influence desired behavioural responses in subjects in everyday life. 

14 April 2010

The psychology of background music

In mid January The Daily Mail published an article concerning the reduction of bad behaviour at a school where pupils in detention were played classical background music. 

15 February 2010

How background music can help pubs beat the recession

Recent research conducted by pub-data specialists CGA found that pubs that provide music take on average 44% more money than pubs without music rising to 60% more at the weekend. 

11 January 2010

How music helps prevent disease

Cometh the season, cometh the time for flu and the common cold. In 2008 research findings were reported in The Telegraph that claimed listening to music can boost the immune system and may even help fight off disease. 

04 January 2010

The impact of on-hold music for improving customer retention

There have been several studies that have looked at the impact of on-hold music for improving customer retention during waiting time. 

03 January 2010

Can background music improve surgical performance and patient recovery?

For many years doctors have openly used background music to help them remain relaxed and focused during surgical procedures. 

26 November 2009

Are our brains tuned to healing frequencies?

HealthDay News recently announced a study exploring whether harmonic sounds are therapeutic for people who suffer from neurological disorders.

20 November 2009

Background music in the workplace

Background music has been used in the workplace for centuries. In the Industrial Age women and occasionally orchestras would be hired in the quieter factories to sing and play among the workers. In the Victorian era handloom weavers would sing together to keep awake.

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