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03 November 2009

Christmas background music: Just songs or sales booster?

So the Christmas season comes upon us once again and with it the tinsel gold shop decorations, the red and green sprigs of holly and festooned fir trees; all visual codes that help ensure we become attuned to the spirit (and spending pattern) of the season. 

02 November 2009

Greatest Christmas songs ever

As we have been delving into the commercial value of Christmas background music we decided to take a look at the stories behind ten of the greatest Christmas songs ever. 

19 October 2009

Can music be used to treat specific health problems?

New research published on Bottom Line Health by Suzanne B. Hanser (Berklee College of Music) confirms that it helps fight high blood pressure, insomnia and pain. 

02 October 2009

Is music a 'legal drug' that improves performance?

In a Times Online article, Dr Costas Karageorghis calls music sport’s “legal drug”, capable of reducing an athlete’s perception of effort by 10 per cent while increasing performance by 20 per cent. 

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