Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood has been operating in central London for 20 years and has played recorded music throughout the business since it opened. The famous restaurant is film-themed, displaying movie memorabilia and showing famous clips on screen.

Music is vital to the ambience created for customers dining in the restaurant. A video DJ plays a range of contemporary pop and classics, ensuring a mixture of current and older music that appeals to all the wide-range of customers who visit.

Setting a mood through playing music is important for Planet Hollywood – while music was not an essential part of the experience when the restaurant first opened, it is now fundamental and would greatly affect the atmosphere if it was not playing.

Tony Lincoln, European Sales and Marketing Director at Planet Hollywood, says: "Music is incredibly valuable to our business. It keeps our team motivated at the same time as keeping our customers happy.  Music is a vital part of the ambience we create for the guests dining with us, and what we play is carefully selected to ensure it appeals to all.  We believe the PPL licence is good value for money because it allows us to play the most up-to-date music.”

Latest Music Works research findings

  • 84%

    of people who like hearing music in the high street stores believe it helps create a good atmosphere within them 1

  • 67%

    of people who regularly attend live music events believe playing recorded music at appropriate times during them makes the events more sociable 1

  • 75%

    of those who like hearing recorded music at appropriate times during live music events believe this makes them happier 1

  • 57%

    of managers/ business owners surveyed agreed that their choice of restaurant is influenced by the music played 4

  • 81%

    of those who visit sports stadia every few months like to listen to music at appropriate times when attending events at them1

  • 1/3

    (31%) of hospitality businesses agreed they would rather lose a day’s trade than have to permanently stop playing music for customers or staff 1

  • 47%

    of those asked also believed it says something about who they are as a business 1

  • 82%

    of people who like recorded music at live music events become more excited about the upcoming live event if recorded music is being played 1

1 Research was conducted by VisionCritical in April 2012 among 1,000 UK businesses and Entertainment Media Research in 2009 among 2,000 UK consumers. EMR also conducted the research in 2010 among 400 small retailers, hairdressers, offices and factories.

2 Research was conducted by RED in May 2013 with 676 customers of a UK travel company (x331 interviewed at stores that play music, x306 interviewed at stores that do not play music.)

3 Research was conducted by RED in May 2013 with 1397 staff of of a UK travel company (x1042 surveys completed by staff at stores that play music, x337 surveys completed by staff at stores that do not play music.)

4 Research was conducted by DJS Research in June 2013 among 600 businesses in the West Midlands

5 Source: YouGov Plc. online survey, April 2014. Total sample size: 7492 GB adults aged 18+. Figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults.

6 Research was conducted by Mindlab International in September 2014. (The research tested 26 participants carrying out office-based tasks while listening to four genres of music, and no music).

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